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I know almost nothing about audio setups and was looking into my options, which are explained below. I'd really appreciate any insight, help, guidance, opinions, etc. that anybody may have for me.

I'm currently using the built-in speakers on my Sammy 50" Plasma...and it's starting to kill me. Watching Game of Thrones, I get high-pitched S-sounds and really lousy vibrations on low, deep pitches. I'm eventually looking to setup a surround sound system (5.1, 7.2, w/e) with a receiver and two additional speakers on a separate channel, wired to the back deck for entertainment. However, I feel this setup with decent quality products will run me far beyond the $300 I'm currently budgeted for. I do need SOMETHING that can hook up to both our HDTV/Digital Box and my PC for the HTPC portion for the time being, and to hold me over at least a year or two. Because I want to setup an HTPC, am I forced to buy into a receiver that's compatible with HTPCs? Or are there sound bars our there that are compatible in some way, shape, or form?

I think a sound bar may be my best bet but are any budget sound bars compatible, and can hook-up to an HTPC? What other options are out there for what I'm trying to accomplish?

I'd really appreciate some advice on this, and thank you!
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