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I've been trying to design my home theater now that we're finishing our basement. I had a "dedicated" room that I was going to use that would be fully enclosed....but it is VERY small (8' 6" x 10' 6"). I just don't know how practical that would be. If I'm not correct, and it is possible to reasonably comfortably fit 5 - 6 people (4 in fixed theater seats, 2 on bean bags) and the accoustics wouldn't be a problem, let me know.

My other option is what I was going to use for the family room. It is an open area (it does have 3 walls, just missing 1). I have a projector already purchased that I want to use. Due to that fact, there is only 1 wall I can use. Here is a drawing I threw together in paint (not to scale) that shows a basic idea of what I've got. The projector screen would go on the 9' wall. There is a portion that drops down in the ceiling for duct work that separates the family room from the room next to it at the point where I have the dotted line, so that's the area I have to work with. There is also an empty doorway (which I suppose could be sealed) next to the 9' wall. Is there anything I can do to this room to make it more ideal? Anyone done much with open areas like this?

Which of these 2 options would be better? I like the extra room of the family room, but I like the option to completely enclose the other room and make it more of a dedicated theater room.

Just a side note, the room next to the family room will be a dedicated game room, so it's not a problem that it will be loud in that room too. I'd just like to make it as accoustically ideal for the family room. Also, the equipment I have is fairly good sized as well. I have 2 monitor 70's for the fronts, 4 monitor 40's for the surrounds, a CS2 for the center, and plan on making a Tuba sub (currently using an old Onkyo sub I had). The new sub is what made me realize I just don't have much realestate to work with in the smaller dedicated room.
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