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Best place to buy speaker wall plates?

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Many of the ones I'm finding online are 10 bucks a peice. Wheres a good place to get deals on these?

I also have all my speaker wires going into 1 big blue electrical box in the equiptment closet, the kind of blue boxes that are basically 4 boxes in one. Does anybody make a speaker connect solution for these?
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I just bought plain vanilla binding post type connectors (parts express) http://www.partsexpress.com which I plan to mount onto 2 holes in blank wall plates. I figured that is the cheapest way.

Of course I will get steel / aluminum wall plates for strength ...I want the black ones :)

The equipment rack will have a flat plate with all the binding posts mounted on it. Wires running in the walls will be attached to the back side of these binding posts. I will use short "patch cords" to connect the equipment to these binding posts.

Call me El cheapo !
Also you can do what I did and just build you own custon wall plates with keystone setup. I bought all my parts from www.partsexpress.com

I did all the research before hand, checked out different vendors and for this application partsexpress was definately the cheaptest.

- Josh
Being the dedicated theater spot, most people here probably skip the connectors and just run the wire straight from the equipment to the speaker or amp.
Thanks BigMouth! Too bad I didn't use a 3 gang box instead of 4 but I can make that work just fine. I'm going to order everything I need from that site. Do people usually just paint the white plates to match the walls?
Make sure you use the highest possible quality connectors. Every termination and connection point is a possible source of noise and interference. I'm using GLS locking gold banana plugs at the speaker end and the same at the amp end. I dont want the signal degraded or connection shaking loose from the bass...

I thought about using the plates at each end for "cleanliness" but opted for signal purity instead. All the equipment is squirreled away in its own room anyway...

My .02 ...

Kevin -
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