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Best place to buy used 4k Blu-rays?

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I buy most of my 2k disk from familyvideo.com, but I just make the move to a 4k projector, and so I'm wondering where everyone is geting used disc from, aside from ebay?

A google search didnt bring up much for me besides a place called Second Spin, which seems to have high prices for used 4k disc, imo.
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I have seen many people post their movies for sale in the classifieds of AVSForum.
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Not used - but you can pick up new 4k for 10$+ as well as discounted PS4/XBox 1 @ blu-ray.com
Jawburger & Sandmail, thx you both. I'm looking through the classifieds now and there are plenty of deals to be had. Blu-ray.com is also great and the sort by price function there is useful. I had no idea that new 4k movies could run as little as $10-15 (I figured anything 4k would be in the $20-30 or more...but I'm glad I was wrong).
I've been buying from Redbox.

Half Price Books also has some on occasion, as well as used record stores.
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Amazon used 3rd party sellers are an option, with some of the sellers mentioned here listing on Amazon.

Some may be Prime shipping/free shipping and/or no-tax, bonus is 5% back if you use Amazon Visa, or other rewards card.

Just be sure the seller has a lot of reviews and sales with 4.x stars.

Biggest issue I have is the fixed $3.99 ship price plus many lack digital codes, slip covers, booklets, etc.

I've settled in on a standard $5/disc value for used (BD/UHD- DVD's ~$1-2/disc)- so a 2 disc set (feature + extras, or 4K and 1080p discs) should be ~$10, etc.

Most common titles tend to settle to this price over time, closer you are to release will increase cost. Somewhat less $/disc for TV series seasons used.
I've had great experience with the AVS Classifieds and Newbury Comics.

I looked at OfferUP and that seems to be a great place for DC codes however, when I noticed someone selling a HD code from a 4K disc and let them know they didn't change the ad. So, there's risks anytime all the time.
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