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Best place to get B&K Ref 30 upgrade?

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The dealer where I bought my Ref 30 is not located in my state.

Which of the following would be the best place to have my Ref 30 upgraded?

1) the selling dealer

2) a dealer in nearby (80 miles) Detroit

3) B&K factory
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Just send it to B&K directly. It's more likey to get done quicker.
What dos the upgrade intail on the REF30.
It's upgraded to the equivalent of the Ref. 50 minus the balanced inputs.
I am thinking of buying one does the upgrade also feature HD capability on the component inputs. And does it have 5 channel pass Thur for DVD-A or SACD on the ref30.
Just send it to B&K directly. It's more likey to get done quicker.

How long did it take you Donnie?

does the upgrade also feature HD capability on the component inputs. And does it have 5 channel pass Thur for DVD-A or SACD on the ref30

I think the Ref 30 has the bandwidth necessary for an hd signal, although I'm not positive. It does a 5-channel input.
I sent my AVR 202 to B&K for an upgrade. It took them less than a week to do the upgrade plus two weeks for shipping roundtrip.

I'm very happy with my upgrade, BTW.

Did you make an appointment or just sent it in Max? I'd like to get mine done over the Christmas holidays if possible.
Does anyone know whether the upgrade (particularly for the AVR-307) includes the new faceplate? This wasn't available for a while.
Chris, you'll need to call B&K tech support and get the Return Authorization number.

dacaine, no faceplate is not a part of the upgrade.


I know that B&K was having problems with getting the faceplate part in, but for a while they were telling people that they could upgrade and that they would send the faceplate when it came in.

I also read that they were telling potential upgraders that they could wait to have the upgrade done until the faceplates were ready.

Either way, my understanding was that faceplates were included with the upgrade.

Your note seems to indicate that B&K reversed course and decided not to include a faceplate in the upgrade. Is that correct or is it that they just don't have the faceplates in (if you know)?


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I saw this post and it confused me. I didn't remember starting this thread. Then I realized and thought... Oh God, there's two of us!
How long did it take you Donnie?
I was speaking in general about B&K's service. This is based on posts here in this forum and my own experience with recent work I had done on my Ref. 50. I was one of the first to get version 1.04 installed. The turn around time was about a day and a half.
It is my understanding that the faceplate was planned to be part of the upgrade. At that time B&K had not ran a single part from the contracted machine shop. Now it seems that this machine shop has priced themselves out of a B&K job. It's not a case where B&K is being cheap, the price for the new faceplate was quoted very high and this would have placed the upgrade cost out of the reach of most users.


My upgrade is not going well so far. I sent mine in on August 25th. They received it August 28th. There was a cashiers check with it for the work and when I called today they said it was done 9/2/03 but was still sitting there for the paperwork to clear. When I asked why they said for the check to clear. I didn't think a cashiers check from Bank of America would need to clear and neither did Bill from Technical. I have called back twice today and he has still not heard back from the business office:) NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT IS EXCEEDING MY EXPECTATIONS
Any article of payment can be forged or stop payments can be placed upon them, even M/O & cashiers checks.

In today's computer age it only takes a few minutes to produce an authentic looking check. I agree that time to clear draft payments are reasonable for any non local transactions.

fyi: anyone that sends a check of any form, it does help the receiving party if you include a contact phone number to the facility that the check is drawn from. Anyone that accepts checks for payment will understand.

Once the check has been placed for deposit, the depositing bank can not confirm that the check has indeed been paid via the federal reserve.

The depositing bank can only confirm that the check has not been returned unpaid. Checks can take up to three weeks to come back as unpaid.

With the contact information at hand, B&K can retrieve this paid information in a more timely manner, most banks including Bank of America can & will supply the date that the article was paid & would be willing to help identify the authenticity of such a draft. I understand this kind of sucks, but so does bad drafts when they happen.

Since B&K does not normally sell directly to the end users, I'd almost be certain that they are not setup with a check insurance/cashing service.

As dealers are pre-screened & credit verifications are done at the onset.

This information can be a huge time saver with any on-line sale/purchase.

Sometimes its best to use a U.S. Postal Money Order, they just seem to be less trouble for the recipient.

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I think you missed the point or maybe I was unclear. I know all of that but I ASKED when I got my RA if a bank cashiers check was ok and they said fine. They didn't say there would be a delay plus they DID NOT call me back. They have had the check for over two weeks. At what point am I supposed to take action (or were they never going to do anything-actually they still haven't). They didn't call me I had to call them and they still haven't let me know if they are waiting for a period of time, what that period of time is or they have lost the check or my paper work or what-I am in the dark. It is poor customer service anyway you slice it. If they have to wait x days, fine, tell me that. No offense but I have been in business myself (part of it in the collection business) and I really don't need to be told about fraud, bad checks etc.. FOr that matter, U.S. Postal money orders can be stolen and forged etc. I just want to be notified and I don't think that is too much to ask.

Oh, and one more thing-the dealer that sold it to me went bankrupt and if he was screened it was poor as I know quite a bit about the dealer and they were authorized (and he is now back in business under a new name). This was NOT an online purchase. It was purchased along with Triad speakers and an EAD DVD player. B&K has a pretty liberal dealer policy
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Just maybe your unit got caught up in the mad rush to send a rather large crew to Indy for cedia, B&K had a rather large mobil HT display room to setup. Non the less this should not have happened and really is the first report I have ever read of such B&K service.

I have a few contacts inside, feel free to pm me your RA number, just maybe I can help in some little way.

Myself being an audio & B&K nut, I understand your frustrations :(

I want to thank Jerry for interceding for me on this problem. He has alerted me by PM the story and B&k not responding is understandable under the circumstances (they are researching) and I really appreciate his help. This forum and many, many of the people who frequent are top-notch.

Does B&K take credit cards for the upgrade?
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