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Best place to mount Klipsch surrounds.

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The sofa is against the wall, my current setup has the speakers behind the couch facing each other. Are you supposed to do the Klipsch the same way (facing each other) , or is it best to mount them on the wall pointed forward ??
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Best place for these is about 5' up from the floor. If you can place them on side walls this will work the best. If not then behind you spread apart. Go to my HT page and look how I have mine mounted.
Technically, one meter above the listeners head, perpendicular to the listener's position. That way the mid is facing toward the listener and the tweeters aren't.
scooter, IMO you have them too low. Mine are about 1' down from an 8' ceiling. My listening positions are pretty close to the walls (room isn't all that big). Any lower and listeners to each side of the sweet spot have a speaker in one ear.

What's that you have for a center? Looks home made, with Reference drivers?
MSC, you could position them on the rear wall, but that's where the rear surrounds would go in 7.1.

Of course, if you mount them to the back wall and later want to go 7.1, you could use the Klipsch's (RS-3IIs?) as rears and add sides.

Yes this is my custom built center. I used all klipsch drivers when building it.

2-Klipsch KV1089 10" woofers form an RF7, T35 horn tweeter (aka K77), and a K52 midrange horn with the 90°x60° Tractrix® Horn out of a klipsch KLF30. Crossover is a 3-way, 2nd order (12dB) crossover with a 3 octave spread between crossover points. I used metallized polypropylene capacitors in critical midrange and tweeter signal paths. 18 gauge inductors are used to keep DC resistance to a minimum. crossover points are 700/5600.

The cabinet is 42"w x 13,5"h x 15"d. Also has 2 4" ports in the rear. Cabinet is made out of 3/4" marine grade oak plywood with complete internal bracing and wired with 12 gauge monster cable.
Thanks, I will face them toward each other behind the couch. I will just have to use my current stands since there is no wall on one side. I think mine now are 18" above my ears. The stands are maxed out so I would have to put or make something the stand could sit on if I wanted to go higher.
Excellent. I may PM you when I get a chance. I have Forte mains with an Academy center. The match is pretty close, but I figure using the Forte drivers will be even closer. And the Academy is worth $500 easy that I could plow into a better sub.

I've got the mids and tweeters; have built speakers before (from plans) but could use some advice on the woofers, box and xover.

Do you hang out over at the Klipsch forum?

Yeap! The Klipsch forum is my home away from home. There are several of us that have built custom centers. Myself, STL, Jmoloky, etc. Just ask anyone of us. Also I have several construction picks if you are interested just leave me an email where I can send them
Here is what I did in our secondary setup. It keeps the wife happy and sounds excellent.
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What you see in the picture are two SS.5s aimed directly at the listening position. I have RS-7s in my main theater.
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