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Best place to sell older speakers and find out how much they are worth?

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I have a older Yamaha receiver, 5 Pinnacle speakers and a sub. I am thinking about selling them since I need the money now and am moving soon. Where would be the best place to get rid of them? Also how would I go about pricing? Maybe someone can give me advice on how much they may be worth. The model numbers are listed below and they are all in great condition. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

Pinnacle BD 1000 x 2

Pinnacle BD 300

Pinnacle BD 500 x 2

Pinnacle Sub 150

Yamaha RXV557
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audiogon.com for pricing. Sell them on here or over there.
It doesn't hurt to check eBay, either.

And don't forget to search around with Google, too.

Originally Posted by buzzy_ /forum/post/18107499

It doesn't hurt to check eBay, either.

And don't forget to search around with Google, too.

There wasn't much to go off of on Ebay. I still have to search around on google too.

That audiogon.com looks good, but you have to pay to see the prices...

Any more help would be appreciated.
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If anyone is a member of audiogon.com it would be much appreciated if you can tell me their suggested prices.
local craigslist is always a good option too.

I can tell you that the RX-V557 is probably worth at most $100-125 or so. Lower end, non HDMI receivers do not have much value.

With older speakers, you can probably assume it's worth about 25-40% of the original value, depending on how good the brand reputation is as well as the condition of the speakers (obviously). You can probably get better return on something like Paradigm, for example, than a random generic speaker brand with no name recognition. I don't know a thing about "Pinnacle" speakers so I can't say much more than that!

Also, high-end models will hold value better than entry-level models. The entry-level model from 10 years ago is probably worth only 20% of original value, whereas a really fancy high-end speaker from 10 years ago will be worth much more percentage-wise.
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Another question, should I sell as a complete set or should I sell separately?
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