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I just came across DJ Tieso's awesome Podcasts on I-tunes.

There almost an hour long and when played in quicktime behave like a CD in that they have album art and you can select the song.

I was told this funiciotanlity exists on I-pods, so I'm thinking of buying an ipod for this rather then convert them to mp3's for my acrhos 605 wifi. (its like getting 92 free legal albulms by my fav artisti.)

So my question really is what player(s) will this work on that are portable? I-pods, and if so which ones? and any know if it works on the 605 with podcast plug in?

EDit: through't I'd add. I bit the bullet and bought the Archos 605 podcast plug in to a great pain as there site doesn't support support IE7 very well and I had to use firefox.

Anyways. the podcast played just like a regular mp3, not even any album art. Total waste of $20 for podcasting, next up and ipod.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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