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I'm ready to finally get some decent power protection for my gear. My home theater has your typical consumer array - Sony XBR4 40", Onkyo receiver, cable box, Wii, Xbox360, PS3, wifi router, and an HTPC.

Sicne this isn't exactly high end, I'm more interested in protection of my gear than "clean" power. Don't want to spend more than $200-$250 max.

I was just going to go with the Monster 3600mkII for $250, but am reading things about monster not supporting line conditioning, voltage regulation, etc. - i.e. only "clean" power.

Another thought was UPS. But here's my current experience with that: I have an ~$100 APC for my computer/music setup that apparently will only do its job if the USB adapter is hooked up with software. Without it (granted haven't tried WITH it yet either), any time the power has a large fluctuation, all of my gear reboots and it beeps. When the power goes out, same thing - it cuts power to all gear and then runs on battery.

Regardless, any thoughts on what would be best for me to buy?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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