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Best projector for 1080i

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Hi folks,

I recently bought a Sony FX1 HDV camcorder that outputs 1440 by 1080i.

I have an old Sony X600 projector and I think is time to buy a new one. I was about to buy a Panasonic A700 but now that I have this camcorder I'm wondering if there's some other projector better suited for displaying a 1080i signal in good resolution with a price tag not too far from the Panasonic unit.

Thanks for your comments.

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If you want to display 1080i, you have to go with CRT. All digitals, as fixed-pixel devices, will convert 1080i to their native progressive resolution. The Panasonic you mention will convert to 720p, that's probably a good choice for you.
You might consider the 960x544 (1/4HD) pixel devices. Sanyo Z1, Panasonic AE300, Mitsubishi HC3. These scale such a signal well. They are also a bit cheaper as the technology is several years old.

Probably though, you'll end up using your brand new PJ for all kinds of sources, from your camcorder to an HDTV tuner, and you'll be happy you stepped up to a 720p LCD.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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