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Any recommendations for 2 Hdmi output (tv, projector).

And did I mention, great, great SOUND????

Will pair it with Playstation 3 - want to experience DD-DTS/HD formats!!!

Lastly, can't be a GIANT 60 pounder. Won't fit in my rack!

My room is 6.1 modest size with B&W speakers (600 series, bipole surrounds).

Movies and dvd shows (rock, opera, jazz, you name it) mostly.

Lastly, saw some great receivers with MSRP prices of $2,000 selling for used at or below a grand on Amazon. Stupid move????

Did some research and completely overwhelmed by amount of receivers. Onkyo must have at least 20 in the 700, 800,900 series. Prices are all over the place. One 7** model is more than 8** model. Confusing!!!!

Thanks for any advice.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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