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Best resolution for my Barco 701s

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hi everyone;

I've read several old threads about scanning at 48Hz and sweet spot etc...

The result is that i still can't figure what would be the best resolution,refresh rate etc for my barcovision 701s ? :confused:

It's max frequency is 35 Khz ....

Maybe i should try 1280*720 [email protected] ?(hr freq =36khz but my pj should be abble)

What do you think of 800*[email protected]?
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Hello Tiepolo,

I have a Barco Data 800 which has similar specs to yours and you should be able to do 1024 x 768 at 60 hz with no problem. I would try various resolutions and see which you like the best. If your projector can't do it, it won't lock on - no harm done. I seem to get a steadier picture at 960 x 720 or 960 x 540 for widescreen.

Have fun experimenting,

Thanks don...

My 701s can't resolve 1024/768 unfortunately.....

Try 960*540. I have tried that but my BG801 looked better when i did 1280*720.

Since you live in France, you would probobly get a good picture from running progressive pal resolution (576x720 @ 50 hz)This is well within the capabilitys of your pj, and gives the least amount of scalingartifacts. If your graphicscard doesn't support that, try 800x600 @ 50 hz. You may need to use Powerstrip to get your card to output as low as 50 hz, many computerscreens doesn't even support it.

Forget 48 hz, this is only for ntscmaterial. For PAL DVD's, you should use either 50 or 75 hz refresh, I dont think your pj would do 75 though.

Bill Don: A BarcoData 800 scans MUCH higher than a BarcoVision 701s (videograde).

Figgie: A PAL user should keep horisontal resolution above 576, I tryed my BD 801 with 480x720, and it looked AWEFUL.

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Thanks very much Frode....Things starts becoming clear :)

I do have powerstrip and my pj is abble to do [email protected] max

So you think i should go down to [email protected] or will [email protected] looks better?

And what about the sweet spot?
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