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Best Satalite system to use with Replay?

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I think i am finallay fed up with Digital Cable. Some channels the picture is great, others it sucks, being digital or analog doesn't seem to matter. Add in the fact that my Replay controlling the digital cable box is not very accurate, not to mention slow.

So given the choice, what satalite system works best with replay. I assume that the serial control connection works better then the ir blaster, is this true? What receiver? Do they all work with serial control equally well? Also, cheaper is better when it comes to this project.

Any other advice?

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I chose DirecTV because some DirecTV receivers can be controlled by the serial connector, all Dish receivers have to use the IR blaster. When I was buying a year ago CC had a promotion going where you got two receivers, a dish and free installation for $100.

There was choice between the cheapest RCA and the cheapest Hughes. The RCA had a serial port the Hughes didn't. So I bought the RCA receivers.
Any Directv system with a serial port. -mk
OK, this borders on heresy, but if I was going to satellite right now, I'd have to consider one of the DirecTivo boxes out there. $79-$99, and the resale value of your ReplayTV would cover the lifetime fee. Plenty of info on the Tivo board.
I've had a DishNetwork 500 system with the 301 receiver for about 2 months now. The ReplayTV box controls the receiver via the IR blaster. The only issue I've run in to is if you change to a channel via the ReplayTV you don't subscribe to, or to a pay per view channel, the ReplayTV box then cannot change from that channel. (The reason is the DishNetwork receiver is waiting for input. In the case of a PPV channel, it's waiting for an OK or Cancel.) The solution is to use the DishNetwork remote to get off that channel, then the ReplayTV can control it again. I consider this a minor issue.

DirecTV wasn't an option, because I got the DishNetwork system entirely free. (As a former Netlink C-Band dish subscriber).

The picture and sound quality is excellent and puts the cable system (and digital cable) to shame.

I switched from directv to dish networks about two months ago. I switched because of the I like 9 deal ($9/month for the first year) and they also gave me a 501 (it's digitial recorder/receiver)for my old directv receiver. My replaytv is connected to the 2800 I bought for $40 and it works fine. I've had no problems.

I think $22 a month you'll save the first year is reason enough to go with Dish for the first year. After that, like me, you'll probably want to consider switch to directv if for no other reason than that both companies are always offering great deals to pick up new customers.
I have had great success with the Sony line of DirecTV receivers. They work well with Replay, they have a serial interface, and has been reliable.

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