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Due to the use of speaker enclosures in the front of my theater -- the usable width of the front of my room decreased from 132" to about 106". My existing 92"x52" Da-Lite motorized/tensioned screen's housing measures 112", which is about 6" too long. Suggestions were to cut holes into the speaker enclosures to mount it -- but I'm concerned with the amount of work involved since everything has already been closed up and covered with fabric. Also, don't know what that would do to the sound..

Anyways, been reading alot about the Grayhawk screen. Does anyone know if any manufacturers (especially Stewart) make motorized (and tensioned) screen housing smaller than 106" to fit a 92" x52" screen or larger? I understand the housing needs to be wider than the screen itself to fit the motor...

One other alternative is to install a fixed screen, but because the screen would cover a window -- I'm not too sure about it. The motorized option seems to be the best of both worlds..

Perhaps a pull-down? Is there a disavantage that it might warp after some time or can you get a tensioned pull down as well?



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I was watching Dean's G15 on a perferated Grayhawk (with ISCO lens)

on a larger screen than you are thinking of. I've a G1000 and I'm

currently thinking of a Luxus Model A Electriscreen 96"x54" screen.

It's tab tensioned and motorized. I've an open beam ceiling and I'm

trying to figure out how to mount the thing and get power to it. I'll

be getting a Panamorph (I hope) someday in the near future and I figure

it will be bright enough. You should have no problem with a G15.

Give Stewart a call at (800) 762-4999 or (310) 784-5300 and they

can fax you more exact measurements of the enclosure(s). Very friendly

helpful people.

Good luck on your choices.



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