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Will soon be trying to set up the speakers for my receiver when it arrives.  I have 5.1 amp/speakers.  My room is roughly as shown above.  The bottom right is a kitchen/bar with three stools.  The couch and chair are at the bottom and the TV stand/tv at the top.  I do have two end tables coming, one to go between the couch and chair and the other I'm not sure yet. (If I need it for the setup, it'll stay downstairs, if not it may got in a different room).


The lower left corner, makes a perfect set up difficult.  Am I better off having the speaker behind the chair, but in front of the listeners on the couch, or in the corner by the couch, but medial to the person in the chair?  And would I be correct in assuming the right rear should just go on the back wall at the bar so it's behind the stools and roughly the same level as the couch?


Other notes in case the matter...

- left wall is actually about 3/4 window (the top 3/4 of the line) and there is an open space going upstairs along that window

- most of the time it's just me and I'm on the left side of the couch.  I do have people over enough that sometimes all spots will be full.  The chair is a favorite.  Stools are the last spots filled.  Sometimes people even sit on the floor in front of the couch before the stools are taken.
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