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Best setup for use with a Mac

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My only computer is a Mac with OS 10 lion. Looks like calman doesn't work with OSX

I was looking at This


Is this the best option for me or is there a better one for the price?

My main TV is a Samsung PN59D7000 if that helps. I mainly hang out in the audio side of things so your inside in this display arena is appreciated.
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I have that colorimeter and used it on my laptop, it's pretty a pretty drastic change when I calibrated my laptop. It's also easier as the software does all the changes needed, all you really do is change the brightness. You can also use it with calman if you want to calibrate you TV.
I use Parallels and Win7 on my MBP so I can use CalMan.

You can also use Boot Camp + Windows.
I don't want to buy Windows and I'm not using it for monitors. Only TV's.

Originally Posted by brian6751  /t/1416599/best-setup-for-use-with-a-mac#post_22149800

I don't want to buy Windows and I'm not using it for monitors. Only TV's.

I use BootCamp on my MacBook Pro. If you don't want to use Windows then you are probably out of luck. If you want to buy one of the major cal software packages you are definitely out of luck.

I would say come to the Dark Side but Apple IS the Dark Side now
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CalMan and ChromaPure both run just fine in VMWare Fusion for my on my Mac, and inside of Windows XP. Going Boot Camp means Windows 7 at a minimum now I believe. You can find an older version of Color HCFR for Mac I believe, but it won't work with the i1Display Pro. I have VMWare Fusion only for calibration software and the occasional PC program (Paradigm Perfect Bass Kit, etc...) that reviews require, it's just the way everything is right now it seems.
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