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Best sound card for SPDIF out

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What is the best card for SPDIF out? (PCM, AC3, DTS)

I don't care about analog out, just want to get a good digital stream out.

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I fussed around with on board Audio, but at every turn I ALWAYS ran into a problem or two. This last problem was DD and DTS sound from AVI sources, through the SDPIF out.

I went back to my Audigy 2 card, and have had no problems since.
I own a M-AUDIO Audiophile 2496 with no problems, but a cheaper Chaintech AV-710 is the way to go if you only want SPDIF-passthrough.
If your mobo has S/PDIF I would give it a shot to see if it works. Chances is will are pretty good. If not I would go with the Chaintech as suggested already.

PS: After some initial driver issues I have been using mobo (ASUS) S/PDIF for quite a while with great success. Before that I had an M-Audio 410 which caused me major headaches (also some driver issues which however I never was able to get fully resolved).


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