Speakers bring sound and music into your life. From the tiny speaker in your phone, to the line arrays you heard at the last concert you attended, the variety in size and capability is astonishing. For consumers, that translates to a cornucopia of options; there's a speaker to fulfill just about any need or application. But there's one thing all speakers have in common, which is that it's always nice when they are on sale.

This post's purpose is to highlight speakers on that are on sale or otherwise discounted, and available to purchase online.

Shopping for Speakers

As noted, there are many options out there when it comes to speakers. Even the sheer number of categories aimed at consumers is intimidating, you got the usual bookshelf and tower options, architectural speakers, active speakers, soundbars, smart speakers, Atmos speakers, open baffle and dipole and horn loaded and electrostatic... the list goes on. So it helps to know ahead of time what you want to achieve that of buying speakers. Do you want something self-contained and portable? Do you want something that can stream music on its own? Are you looking to build a dedicated home theater, or fill your living room with high fidelity sound?

Passive Speakers

In this category you'll find your classic bookshelf and tower speakers, and so many variations on the theme. But passive speakers also cover in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers. The advantages to passive speakers include the fact you do not have to run AC power to them (you connect with speaker cables) and cost effectiveness. It is also the case that many high-end speakers, regardless driver technology, are passive models.

Active Speakers

This includes "dumb" active models like studio monitors, as well as "smart" active speakers like Amazon Echo or Sonos. And it includes soundbars, which are a sub-category of active speakers. With active speakers, you do need to connect to a power source. But you do not need separate amplification, that is built into the speaker. In the case of "wireless" smart speakers, you don't have to connect the speaker(s) to a source using a cable, but you still need to plug in the speaker for power, unless the speaker is also cordless.

And now... on to the speaker deals.

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Echo (4th Gen) With Premium Sound

Want the functionality of the Echo Dot but in a speaker with a bit more audio capability? The Echo 4th Gen is a great solution. On its own. it's a decent speaker that can fill a room with moderate volume, good sound. But you can also buy a pair and that'll give you stereo. And you can even add the Echo Sub and wind up with a surprisingly capable wireless 2.1 system.


The Echo is a great deal at its MSRP and an even better deal on sale.


Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker

This Sony is your classic passive bookshelf speaker that can take on multiple tasks, making music on their own, or serving as satellites or surrounds. The main twist is that Sony has created a great sounding speaker that costs so little some people don't take it as seriously as they should. But make no mistake, this is a great performer, and it's already a screaming good deal when it's not on sale. On sale, it's almost unbeatable deals in terms of price-performance ratio, at least when it comes to passive bookshelf speaker systems.


Although this is a three-way design, it is a somewhat nontraditional take on the concept. It is fundamentally a two-way bookshelf speaker with a "super tweeter" that chips in when it comes to reproducing the very highest audible frequencies. Not so much because a regular dome tweeter cannot handle those frequencies, but because the smaller super tweeter will typically exhibit better dispersion characteristics.


Klipsch RP-5000F Reference Premiere Tower Speakers

This tower speaker from Klipsch has dual 5.25", aluminum-cone woofers and a Tractrix horn tweeter. These drivers offer high performance with crystal clear sound that stays dynamic even when the volume if turned up high. A solid foundation for any 2-channel or surround-sound system, these towers are just begging to take the front L/R slots in your system.


Available in Ebony or Walnut wood finishes. 125W power handling and 35 Hz to 25 kHz response (+/-3 dB)


Klipsch RP-6000F Reference Premiere Tower Speakers

If you like what the Klipsch Reference Premier RP-5000F has to offer, but are looking for something a little more powerful, there's the RP-6000F. This tower speakers sports apparel 6.5 inch woofers, which bump up the rated sensitivity by 1 dB and also drops the bass response spec to 34 Hz, from 35 Hz. Granted, these are very incremental increases, but the point is you get a bit more substantial speaker when upgrading to RP-6000F.


This is a fine choice for music lovers and traditional 2-channel stereo, while also providing everything you'd want for a home theater application, including high sensitivity and controlled directivity.


Klipsch RP-404C Center Channel Speaker

If you are putting together a surround system based on Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers, you'll likely want a center channel that will do it justice. After all, the center channel is the lynchpin to a great home theater experience because it is responsible for reproducing the dialog, as well as a large portion of the soundtrack. Without a good center channel speaker, your system will be held back from achieving its full potential.


This Klipsch center channel has a low profile, so it will fit underneath your TV without looking awkward. It is a 2.5-way design, with the outer woofers limited to 500 Hz, and the inner woofers playing up to 1500 Hz, to reduce comb artifacts. It offers 59 Hz to 25 kHz plus -3 DB response, as well as 125W power handling and the identical sensitivity to the RP-6000F. It is, in effect, a perfect match for that speaker.