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Short version:

Video performance more important than audio

Need sub $1k (prefer $600-$700) AVR for video switching/upconversion

Using with PS3, HTPC, Cable DVR, Upconvert DVD, Wii

Attached to 46" 1080p Toshiba Regza / Polk 50 Surroundbar, BA wireless 8" sub

Long version:

Currently I have all video routed to the tv, with separate audio connections to a 8 yr old Sony ES. I'd like to get an AVR with at least 4 hdmi inputs, that I can then use as my video switcher.

Wife/newborn dictate that it will spend most of it's life not being utilized for audio as it should, and layout of the room forces single surroundbar and wireless sub, and that's it, so no "true" 5.1, much less 7.1 in its future.

For these reasons, I care more about it looking good than sounding good. I've recently ordered an Onkyo 806, but evidently didn't do my homework as I'm now reading about some of the blue dot issues and black performance. I have no brand loyalty, price/features with be the final factor. I've been happy and would have stuck with Sony, but everyone seemed to trash them in favor of the Onkyo 606 (when I was looking cheaper), and that's how I got up to the 806 (for 5 HDMI).

Any recommendations of specific models will be greatly appreciated. Also any owners of the 806 that can attest to issues or lack of, when using HDMI/1080p.

Thanks for any and all help!

Not important:

Multiple zones

Heat (have plenty of room/cooling)


Remote (have Harmony)

Pre-amp outs
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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