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Hey guys first of all I do apologise requesting from all of your years of experienced knowledge on technology. But i'm in desperate need in choosing a television for my gaming needs. :p

One of my friends requested this site and said that the community on here is great and a very helpful bunch. Well as you can tell from the title I'm after for a very good Tv for gaming. There really is no budget, but... i'm looking for a TV no bigger than "26 as I prefer smaller screens for gaming. I'm only after a low response time TV and also a sharp screen for clear visibilty while gaming and hopefully a reduced motion blur when moving at a fast pace. I guess you guys will be able to interporate what i'm looking for as i have no knowledge what so ever. :p

So far I have been advised with the following TV's:

£150 - Samsung SyncMaster S24B350H

£170 - Asus Vh236

£160 - ViewSonic VX2260WM

Much appreciated for the help!
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