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Best use of our shape and size Den as Movie Night

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Greetings all. We have been blessed to move into a bigger home for our growing family and we love having weekly movie nights in our Den. We found a cheap Vankyo projector and Portable screen from Amazon to tide us over. Other equipment includes:

Denon 3133ci
GoldenEar Aon 3’s and Center as LCR
SVS PB1000 Sub
(Have a Dayton UM 18 in a MartyCube in my Atlas SUV I’ll be moving back to the movie room when iNuke is acquired)

Goals are to build a somewhat dedicated Home Theater from this less than ideal space. Converting the garage won’t work as we need it at this time and constructing a new one is unaffordable. Plus our 1.8 year old Son’s room is top right of that area. Too loud. Lol.

The Den seems the only viable option. Stats:
11.5 x 13 ft with 9’ ceiling. Open to bottom floor thru I’d say a half wall/doorway deal. Carpeted. Willing to put some treatments/traps up. Bay window let’s good light in but wooden blinds take care of most of that and at night is fine.
We already have a great comfy sectional we watch and co sleep on. It can be put against any wall except in front of the bay window.

I’m the only person in the Fam who remotely cares about good sound. Wife and 4 yr old do enjoy the bass with me tho, albeit not at the levels I listen to in my car. That would be irresponsible. Lol.

I would prefer a DIY Spandex AT screen with LCR behind but not sure if any layout will allow that other than one that is off center for everyone but me. They won’t mind tho so that’s an option. Other option I see would be a motorized drop down screen but not sure how low they can drop without spending a ton. It would keep it from the baby and animals tho when not in use. Speakers would have to be in wall or ceiling at that point tho.

Path of least resistance preferred.
Safety of equipment required.
Good sound required.
Good vocal clarity required.
Would go to 5.1 if proper integration is possible.
Value is important, I don’t have to have the most expensive stuff, but want to spend once this time.

Thinking of new equipment with a budget of $5,500, not including the iNuke for the Dayton.

Allocated in my mind as
$2,000-2,500 speakers, depending on 3.1 or 5.1.(Chane, Triad, Emotiva, JBL, Focal, Revel, DIYSG all come to mind.)
$750 for AVR
$1,750 for Projector
$500 for screen

New Yamaha AVR’s are interesting.
Optoma or Epson Projectors with faux 4K look interesting. (Watch at night usually with some ambient light. Be nice to watch during day/evening too tho)
Whatever screen is best for application and budget.
Whatever speakers are best for same. Vocal clarity and dynamics very nice!
I’ll go in wall/ceiling or on side of or behind screen. Whatever. Want to be immersed.

If I have neglected anything or am nuts just let me know, ain’t gonna hurt my feelings. Lol. Thanks people, I’ve spent years reading y’all’s threads and ideas. Appreciate the wisdom and friendship.

Each square on the graph paper represents a 6”x6” square to me when I drew these.

Handwriting Rectangle Slope Font Parallel
Handwriting Rectangle Line Font Material property
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