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best value mp3 player

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hey guys... i had an ipod recently die on me and am looking at getting a new mp3 player on a budget. i need at least 10 gigs of space and price is a concern (but i don't want a piece of junk).

i loved my ipod but am under the impression they are more expensive than comparable players from other companies. i'd love to spend less than $100, and it would also be cool if i could use a 3.5mm rca audio out plug to connect it into a receiver so i could use it in my home theater. at the same time, i don't mind spending a little over 100 and the line out is not a deal breaker.

what other models should i look at?
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Try the Creative Vision: M. You should be able to find a 30gb for under $200. It comes with a small dock connector that has an a/v output (which you can use as a line out). There are plenty of reviews and comparisons with it and the ipod.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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