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Best version of Halloween?

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Can anyone recommend the best version of Halloween 1 and 2 on DVD? I seem to remember there being talk about all the different versions of these films on disc with wildy different transfers and whatnot. Can anyone help me with this?
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I'm curious about this also. I bought a THX remastered version at one point but I believe there has been at least 1 or 2 more versions released of this since then.
Im glad that Im not the only person whos not certain about this... Hows the THX version? Its the one the Best Buy had for sale...
This is one of those "can of worms" issues. Last year when the new Divimax 25th anniversary version was released (ridiculously named "H25"), it was an incredibly clean remastered transfer. However, the color timing was made so "accurate" that many thought it was not as the director originally intended. Here is a footnote from DVDTalk's review:

Apparently there's a web uproar over the look of this transfer: 'knowledgeable sources' claim that the transfer ignores the original timing scheme of the film that darkened and colored scenes to hide the fact that late-October in the midwest was achieved by throwing some dead leaves around on green, late-spring Pasadena streets. Cameraman Dean Cundey had apparently approved a transfer on an earlier release, that followed his edicts, and those who know flipped at this reversion to what looks bright and colorful for DVD. So, purists beware.
And here are some screenshot comparisons between the two versions on DVDFile: http://dvdfile.com/interactive/drive...halloween.html

I assume the one on sale you're talking about is the 1999 THX-approved version. I have both, and I like it better, although it's not quite as sharp as the Divimax version. It just "feels" more like "Halloween". Also, to add a little more wrinkle, the extras on the Divimax version are better, although not complete. It just depends on what you value the most.

Sharpest Picture: Divimax 2003 version

Truest to original director's intent/theatrical presentation: 1999 THX version

Best extras: Divimax

Good luck.
I bought a deluxe 2 disc edition of Halloween 1 a while back.

It has both the theatrical and the extended (extra TV footage added)

versions. Both excellent quality. I will check tonight for the

specifics. It has a holographic picture on the front.

Not sure about Halloween 2. #1 is by far the best one IMHO.

Though Halloween H2O is pretty good.

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I think you have the Limited Edition that came out in 1999. The single disc THX-approved 1999 edition is basically the same transfer of the movie, but without the TV version or the extras. That's definitely the version to get (IMHO), but it's discontinued and very hard to find these days.

I have the 25th aniversary edition.

Very very nice transfer....:D

However, the green, green and MORE green of the trees and landscapes kinda takes you out of the autumn-crisp-Halloweeny type atmosphere. :(

Still a good flick, though. :)
I have the THX version but I haven't watched it since last year. I remember being happy with the transfer. From looking at the screenshot comparisions, I don't think I would like the Divimax as much since it does appear to take away from the darker mood of the movie. Trees and grass are green and everything seems to have a lighter color to it.

This movie happens to be my favorite scary/horror movie.
Ahhh..... but if you have the DVB 318 player, it automatically compensates for the moodiness by reducing green levels and adding moderate black crush issues... This upconverting through component player is made for scary movies!
Wow, those comparison screenshots *really* show what a different color timing can do... :eek:
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