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plaese reply to [email protected]

I need a video card that is best for play back of scenery documentaries ( Mt Everest , glaciers, canyons etc)

VIA DVI output to my projector.

..HEARD ATI is best ?

WHich ATI radeon would be good , 1 with 128 MB for smooth pictures >

ANy recommendations ?

2) I confirm that the quality if fine ..I do not need any MPEG 2 DVD decoder card to.

I am also looking for the recommended components needed to build a HTPC required for my needs ( FIrewall, TV Tuner card for recording cable TV signals, (R G 6) , 5.1 SOUND CARD

SOurce : 30% of time : DV tapes from DV camera ( advice appreciated if it works trying to input it in PC via firewall and playback simultaneously via Projector ( DVI)

30% of time : DVDs

20% Cable TV

20 % VHS tapes

1) IF I DO NOT NEED to capture VHS analog , I presume I do not need

anymore capture cards aside from the firewire

2) I would presume that even with 5.1 sound card , I would still need a a/V receiver and 5.1 speakers . (PC speakers would not suffice)
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