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Hi. I have old VHS family videos that I recorded into DVD to add as special features in my first Blu-ray Home video disc. What I typically do is that I get the vob files from the DVD, export them as m2ts files on TSmuxer so they can all be one file, and then I render them on DVD Architect. the meged vob files work out perfectly when I burn them to a BD-RE and try it on my player.

The one problem I had was with one home video. I recorded the VHS to DVD in the XP mode, and since the entire video is 1:36:00, I had to record them in two different sessions on a DVD-RW because my DVD recorder doesn't record into dual layer discs. The problem that is occurring when I merge the files and render them on DVD Architect, is that there is a fairly visible glitch at the point were the two different DVD's are suppose to join. It doesn't show up in the m2ts file, but it's very evident once DVD Architect renders the video. Oddly there is no glitch in the regular vob files that are naturally divided in the DVD, I named the vob files. I would like to render them in both AVS for the special features on the Blu-ray disc and render it as a DVD to have them in both formats.

Is there anything I have to do differently to avoid this? This will be a greater concern later on when I have to merge different vob files so any help will be appreciated.
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