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Best way to hookup Leviton + DISH + Multiswitch

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Hi all,

Haven't been here in a while. Glad to see all is busy and informative as usual.

Anyway, I'm writing because I just built a new house with a Leviton structured wiring panel. I'm kicking myself because I think I did some things wrong.

What it boils down to is that I am getting a DISH install next week, and first, I inadvertently bought the wrong multiswitch (Spaun SMS5802NF) which is only for Directv (which I thought I was going to use, but Dish has a better promotion right now--my Toshiba Directv HD box is on the back burner now as well). I also ordered two HD boxes from Dish, so I'll need the new multiswitch to have HD capabilities.

I suppose there's nothing I can do regarding the fact that I only have one RG6 wiring down into each room and made no allowances for OTA (no raceways to do it now either--MAN! so many things to think about when building!)

I will not have DVR or Tivo or anything. All I want is to have HD where I need it (only two locations now, maybe more down the line). All together, I will have four receivers. Two standard and two HD.

Does anyone out there know the best multiswitch I'd need to mount into my wiring panel? HELP PLEASE! It doesn't have to be Spaun, in fact, less $$ is better.


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Not sure if this will help but I have a 5x8 multi-switch (Aspen Eagle model which has been in place for 2 yrs now with no problems) for Directv. 4 of the inputs are for the D* dish while the other input is an OTA input. This switch will multiplex the OTA with the D* signals. This switch will provide 8 outputs to the D* equipment. In my case, i'm feeding 3 DVRs @ 2 drops per DVR and 1 HD receiver for a total of 7 drops used from the switch. What is required at the other end is a diplexer which will seperate the D* signal from the OTA signal. This diplexer is put in line with one of the drops at the D* receiver. I would assume the same type of functionality is available for the Dish equipment. Hope this helps.

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