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Just wanted to ask a quick question to the others that have posted here and have had success. I am trying to sell off my dvds to acquire more blu-rays and some new speakers. I have tried in lots of 40-60 and no luck priced at about $1 each and no luck. These are taken out of the boxes and stored in sleeves. I now have 115 that I have ready to sell and am wondering what the best way might be? A lot, individually? Any thoughts? I have tried ebay and craigslist and have had no luck. I know these are dvds and not blu-rays but some of these are hard to come across now, especially for $1. Any thoughts? This is the list I have so far. As you can see they are not bad movies, most are blockbusters at the time of their releases.

Clear and present danger

Cowboy up

Cheaper by the dozen


Con air

Charlie's Angels full throttle

Charlie's Angels


The crow salvation

The Chronicles of Riddick


Changing lanes the Chronicles of Narnia


The crow

City of Angels

The cooler

The Count of Monte Christo

The Crow city of Angels

A guy thing



Garfield the movie

Ghostbusters two

The Green mile

Ghosts of girlfriends past

Gone in 60 seconds



The grudge


Good night and good luck

The game

Galaxy quest




Free Willy

Fahrenheit 9/11

Fidel the untold story

For richer or poorer


Forrest Gump

For the love of the game

Forever Young


Light of the Phoenix

Finding Forrester

Fire on the Amazon

Field of dreams

The family man

The fast and the furious

The Fox and the hound

Face off

First knight

The fifth element

The Grinch that stole Christmas

The cat in the hat

Daddy day care




Ever After

The day after tomorrow

The emperors club


And of days

Aaron Brockovich

Days of thunder

Dirty dancing

Dances with wolves

9.8.4 = 13 CBT Line Arrays, 8 Sealed 18"s
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Understandable frustration. My takeaway - don't buy physical disks unless they are your absolute favorites.

Streaming media is the future. Netflix, Amazon Prime, on demand streaming services, etc have rendered physical media nearly useless.

I'm in the same boat as you - but have about 700 physical DVD's with cases. I just sold a lot of about 90 of my least favorites or duplicates for about $50 bucks on the work bulletin board. Individually I could have got more on ebay, but at a buck or two or maybe even three a piece it isn't worthwhile timewise.

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Yup, ebay with its fees makes it almost not work the effort. At that point I might just want to donate them. At least I get the tax write off. This is only 115 from from about 1100 that I have. Its going to be a long journey...
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