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Best way to setup a sub for stereo

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I am looking at a desktop 2.1 system and stumble across some issues on how to incorporate a sub into the system.  I will be most likely to go with Harbeth P3ESR, so would like to add some bass into the mix to augment the listening experience.


The idea way I assume is to find a pre-amp with bass management, but so far I can only find the Classe CP-800 as the only dac/preamp with 2.1.  Are they any other preamp that is 2.1?


I guess many subs also have high pass and xlr out, so would routing the through the sub affects the signal going into the amp?


Or is it actually better to split the signal from the preamp and use a y-connector to connect the sub and the amp?


Many thanks for your help!
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You would likely be better (choice, features & price ranges) off buying a regular (5.1) preamp and just using as a 2.1.
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With easy to drive speakers, probably a surround (5.1 or more) receiver would be the best option.  You then can have proper bass management, which will help a great deal with integrating the sound of the subwoofer with the main speakers.


Regarding your question of routing the signal through a subwoofer, whether that will affect the signal or not depends on the subwoofer.  Some employ a filter for the deep bass for the output, some do not.


Using a Y to output from a preamp to both the subwoofer and the amplifier for the main speakers is far from ideal, as then the main speakers are run full range, and so they will distort more than if the deep bass is filtered out to them (which would be done with proper bass management, which any decent surround receiver can do these days).
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