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Best way to ship CRT projector

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I was wondering what is the best way to safely ship a CRT projector.

I'm going to be shipping a DWIN HDP-500 from Salt Lake to Indianapolis (it's pretty light--about 100 lbs total including shipping materials and mount, etc.). The person I'm shipping it to can pick it up at the airport there, and I can drop it off at the airport too if necessary.

I'd appreciate any comments, experiences, help, or suggestions--I just want to be really sure that it gets there safely for the next owner.

Thanks in advance for any replies!


(I'm sorry if this has been answered before--I've been getting server busy errors for the last while whever I try a query.)
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Strapped to a pallet and shipped by a reputable company like forward air.

- Rick
You might check around your area for an asset recovery company. They should have the ability to pack it -- for a fee, of course. You are looking for someone who can put 1) wrap it in several layers of bubble wrap, 2) put it on a properly sized pallet, and 3) shrink wrap the projector onto the pallet.

The machines that do the shrink wrap are pretty cool to watch. They are essentially big turntables with industrial-sized roles of saran wrap/glad wrap/. The pallet spins around, and the arms of the machine roll out the film onto the pallet. It goes by very quickly for some of the better machines -- amazing when you realize the weight it's moving (my experience = not with projectors...).


put it in a foam lined

road case and strap

it to a pallet

Thanks for the helpful replies and comments!

I just checked with forward air and they only ship via ground--are there other companies that can ship via airplane that people here can recommend, or is that recommended at all?

Thanks for any further input...

via airplane???

Uh, the shipping will cost a lot more, and besides, ground is not that bad. Takes about the most 7 days to get to destination.
BAX Global economy (3-5 Day) Air has worked very well for me ($90 -$175/shipment). In the rare instances where they damaged a pj, their insurance came through without too much paperwork and hassle. I think their number is 1-800 callBAX
Forward Air requires you to put it in a plywood box if you want it insured. Do not take any short cuts, do it right and then if it does get damaged you will know that you did all you could.

Thanks for all the helpful tips--I will try to get the box properly crated. I will give Bax a call too--I really appreciate the tips--I absolutely want this projector to arrive safely...

I shipped an Ampro 2000G via Fed Ex Ground.

I had a custom cardboard box made ($16-thick stuff) for the exact maximum size fedex ground allows. Wrapped in bubble wrap and stuffed tight with peanuts. Works great and was about $40 to ship.
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