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Best way to split/share signals between tv and projector?

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We would like to keep our 42" rear projection tv in our living room with the projector. What would be the best way to share the cable, dvd, etc between the tv and projector?

i see that I could get a s-video splitter for my cable box. Would that degrade the quality a great deal?

Please let me know of any suggestions. Thanks!
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I have a Radio Shack Component Switcher that works very good. It has 4 Component Inputs, 4 Stereo Inputs, and 4 Optical Inputs with 2 Component Outputs that you can run to your Rear Projector and Front Projector. Great price also. I have not noticed a degrade in signal.
I'm curious to see what others say about this as well... :)
I have the same problem, and I'm trying to figure out if I can connect each component with a different cable (STB with DVI to the TV and component to the projector, HTPC with DVI to the TV and VGA to the projector, etc). I just have to find the best way to do it considering signal loss, cables cost, ease of use, etc.
The simplest way is to get an ordinary video switcher and connect it backwards, the A/V receiver (component) video output goes to the switcher common and the switcher input legs go to the projector and regular TV respectively.

Do not use Y-connectors, you can degrade the picture even when the equipment not being used is turned off.

It gets a lot more complicated with a rats nest of cables if you want to watch different football games on the projector and regular TV at the same time.

It is simpler for each piece of equipment (HDTV box etc) that has both DVI and component outputs active at the same time and when one of these can go to the projector and the other to the regular TV.

Video hints:
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4-In 2-Out IR Learning A/V Switchbox:

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