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I recently purchased a center speaker, surrounds, and A/V Receiver. I wish to continue using my McIntosh MA6600 for 2-channel listening. I know of two possible ways of achieving this. Which is better and are there others? Note: my particular Mac does NOT have a Home Theater Pass Through.

1. Connect L/R Front Pre-Amp Out from AVR to open input on Mac. Turn digital volume on Mac to “50” run AVR test tones. Then remember to always turn volume to the same “50” setting whenever using it w/ AVR in 5.1

2. Acquire quality Source Splitter (like this: http://www.nilesaudio.com/images/PDF/AXP-1_Cutsheet.pdf). Remove Pre-Amp Out/ Main-Amp In jumpers on Mac. ..Connect output of source splitter to Main-Amp In, and connect Pre-Amp Out of Mac to one of Source splitter inputs; Connect L/R Front Pre-Amp Out from AVR to another input on Source Selector. ..Switch b/w inputs on splitter accordingly.

Any reason to prefer one of these methods over the other? Can you think of a better way to do this?

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