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Best wireless subwoofer adapter?

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Of course the wife hates the look of the sub next to the TV since it isnt symmetrical. Rather than buying a second sub, she wants it moved to behind the couch. I found this...


Doesnt seem like many choices out there. How are these devices, do they work as described and are some better than others?
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I have heard the buttkicker wireless adapter works well. Apparently it is the only one that will transfer down to 5hz wirelessly. Most will stop at 20hz.
Not sure how good they are; but as for subs they make very nice subs; comparable to HSU. Range from device is 20hz-2khz.

I have used the Audio Engine AW-1. Works well.
Anyone having experience with the Sunfire universal wireless kit ? (SDSWIRX & SDSWITX)
What did you end up going with for your solution and are you happy with it?
What did you end up going with for your solution and are you happy with it?
Ditto for me! I'm looking to purchase a wireless adapter kit since my wife isn't down with a cable running underneath the throw rug in the living room. :)

I'm using the Rocketfish wireless sub kit from BestBuy with good results.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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