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Better Cables

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Howdy... I want to get a new VGA cable, so I started looking around and, of course, came across Better Cables which are outrageously priced. So, I found another place and asked for some quotes. Their cables are about 1/4 the cost and offer better specs. (lower capacitance/foot, great impedance control, higher v_p, foil shield) I was wondering if anyone has tried this place before.

I suppose it is taboo to post their name or website, but this _is_ a forum, right?

I'm certainly getting something from them (25' VGA to 5-BNC) and will let you know the results.


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You can post the place I think.

I got my cables from BetterCables, but if I bought some more I would try markerteck.com

25' VGA to BNC cable

you surely can post a link to the cable.

Bettercables do make excellent cables though and their price is very reasonable when compared to those from most other manufacturers like Extron, etc..

Let us know how you make out
Just an aside - if you go to the recording studio where they mastered your CD/DVD etc, I bet they spent much less per foot on cables than your average audiophile. Most studio use Neutrik connectors which audiophiles would turn their noses up at because they aren't all plated with 48k oxygen depleted vibration stabilized cold pressed latinum.

IMHO 90% of the effects of many high end cables are in the mind of the purchaser. I've rarely seen blind a/b tests, but I have seen a lot of reviews which read like marketing!

I'm not saying Better Cables aren't good, I'm just saying you can spend a lot of money on high end cables for very little obvious result.
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