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better reception out of samsung hdtv

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well i hope im in the right forum. i just bought a samsung 32 inch hdtv. problem is the picture is no better than my 15 year old curtis mathes tv. im on satellite dish and im being told that i need a hdtv satellite dish and to pay an extra $20.00 a month to get the 5 or 6 channels i would actually watch. i figured id wait until they offer the install for free. is there any way to get a better picture out of this hdtv. i tried rca cables, s-video and the component cables but it doesn't seem to help.
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Where do you live?

In many cases, all you need (and, what they should have offered to sell you) is a small OTA antenna....either an outdoor rooftop model, or even an indoor, set top, one.

Don't buy a lifetime of Cable or satellite service for something you don't need....get OTA for free, then buy the other programming that you want, when you want it.
Your watching SD stretched over a larger screen, it's gonna look bad. You need to determine your HD options and go from there.

Which sat provider do you have? What's your zip code? As Ken pointed out, you can get locals in HD OTA as long as you have the proper antenna and you are in range of your local broadcast towers. If you'd like premium HD channels, you'll have to go the cable or sat route. If you do end up going with cable or sat, find out if they carry your locals in HD, depending on what they offer, you may be able to get all your channels from your provider or you still may need an OTA antenna for local HD channel reception.
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