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Hello folks,


Soon I will be moving to a new house and planning to have HT in an open recreation room in my basement... and need some advice....


System: 5.1 Channel

Budget: $3500

Room Size: 30 X 25

Usage: 90% movies and 10% music

Video: Projector and Screen


I am newbie here, lemme know if missed on details. So need suggestions for.......


On wall L/R Speakers:

On wall Central Channel:

On wall Surround speakers:


AV receiver:


Goldenear, Def Tech, Paradigm,SVS, Denon, Yamaha are the brands I was looking at. If there are better ones for the budget and room size, please do share.






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I would look at going with high efficiency theater speakers instead. They will offer superior dynamics and SPL, and you won't need external amplification to get reference level sound.

First off, I would go with an acoustically transparent screen. This lets you put three identical speakers behind it, and gives you the most ideal scenario. Without it you would have a low horizontal center below the screen which is a compromise in sound quality.

For speakers, take a look at these Chane Theater 10 These will offer excellent dynamics and clarity, and work very well in a dedicated theater space. They are easy to drive and will play loud so an AVR would offer plenty of juice.

For your surrounds, these Polks would work well: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_107OWM3B/Polk-Audio-OWM3-Black.html

For a receiver, I would go with a Denon AVR-X2000. It has Audyssey MultEQ XT room EQ, networking, plenty of power, and support for all the latest and greatest video formats.

With the last $1500, I would go with a pair of HSU VTF-3 MK4 These are excellent subs, and currently on sale. They would get you sub-20Hz bass for movies, and plenty of output and tuning options. Dual subs will be good in a space like that because they help even out bass response and give all the viewers a similar experience. You get a little more output and more headroom, and in a large space this will be a must.
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