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BG 808 G2 got me all confused..

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Hi there

I've got some problems setting up the G2 on my Barco Graphics 808 (non s) The unit is original, 1996, 3500 hrs.

1. When adjusting G2 from within the service menu, i can only turn the G2 led's off for the green and red tube. I can not get the led on the blue tube output board to turn off. No matter how slow i turn the blue G2 pot, it just won't work. So i set the blue G2 by hand, approx. at the same level the green and red are at.

2. After doing the above setup, the picture has a big red push. When switching scenes, e.g. pluge to 0 IRE black and vice versa, the picture is red initially, and after 1 or 2 seconds it fades out to black again. If i turn the red G2 back a bit so the black image is black again, the red push is gone and everything seems to be normal. (ABL circuit ???)

Are above 2 problems related ? What could be wrong, and how serious is it ? Like i said, if i turn the red G2 back a bit everything is nice. Good image, deep blacks etc. I surely could live with this setting, but it does worry me a bit. I don't want to ruin my 808... O yeah the output boards for all 3 guns are tested and calibrated and working fine.
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I only have the G2 adjustment issue you are describing if I turn the pot too fast. Or have the extron faking out the signal.

You might also try and swap the neck boards and the drive boards (one with leds).

my 2 cents
I've swapped the output boards for blue and red, now red seems to be ok and it's g2 can be set correctly! But now the blue tube has the color push. So the color push is definitly related to the output board not being 100% ok. But i can get rid of it by turning g2 a bit further back, so it looks ok in the picture.

But i still can't set g2 correctly on blue, also not with this (former red) output board. But at least the red and green are ok now, and everything is now related to the blue tube only.
Why not set G2 with the working board, switch it to the next tube, and set it on that tube ? The G2 settings will only need setting at thousands of hours, not daily, so you could do this till you get a new board. Also, G2 is wholly independent, so setting one tubes level does not depend on another tubes level. Adjustment for color temp is in a digital menu, and done after G2 has been established, one of the best aspects of a Barco, all the guesswork is taken out of setting G2.
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