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5:33 PM Stephanie: Hello EC. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?

5:33 PM EC: My BH200 needs repaired out of warranty

5:33 PM Stephanie: I am sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused.

5:34 PM Stephanie: I would be happy to help you with that.

5:34 PM Stephanie: What is wrong with the unit_

5:34 PM EC: It won't play a Blu-ray all the way without locking up.

5:35 PM Stephanie: Did you try many bluray discs?

5:35 PM EC: yes

5:35 PM EC: they all lock up

5:35 PM Stephanie: Ok, we will service it for you.

5:35 PM Stephanie: When did you purchase it?

5:36 PM EC: I'm not sure.. a couple years ago.. i registered it

5:36 PM Stephanie: May I have your home telephone number and full address please?

5:37 PM EC: xxx-xxx-xxx

5:37 PM EC: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

5:37 PM EC: xxxxxxxxx

5:37 PM Stephanie: Thank you very much!

5:37 PM Stephanie: May I have the serial number and dealer, please?

5:38 PM EC: I bought it from Best Buy...hold on for SN
5:38 PM Stephanie: Thank you.

5:39 PM EC: SN xxxxxxxxxx

5:39 PM Stephanie: Thank you very much!

5:40 PM Stephanie: Please hold, please.

5:40 PM EC: k

5:40 PM Stephanie: Thank you.

5:41 PM Stephanie: Thank you for your patience while I researched that for you.

5:41 PM Stephanie: Your case number is xxxxxxxxx

5:42 PM EC: k

5:42 PM Stephanie: You will put your case number on 5 places outside of the box
5:43 PM EC: k

5:43 PM Stephanie: You will send a payment of 69.00 dollars in money order to the following mailing address:

5:44 PM EC: k

5:44 PM Stephanie: LG electronics, Alabama, P.O BOX 240007, Huntsville, AL 35813

5:45 PM EC: k

5:45 PM Stephanie: To send the unit : LG electronics, ALabama, 201 James Record road, Huntsville, AL 35824

5:46 PM EC: k

5:46 PM Stephanie: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

5:46 PM EC: No. So they will fix it for a total of $69?

5:47 PM Stephanie: That is the diagnostic and labor, if we need parts we will notify you at first.

5:48 PM EC: hmmm. well what if I don't want to pay the parts? will they send it back?

5:49 PM EC: its probably the drive... how much is that?

5:49 PM Stephanie: That is correct!

5:49 PM Stephanie: I do not have estimates in parts until we see it.

5:49 PM Stephanie: I am sorry for the problem that you are having.

5:50 PM Stephanie: Is there anything else that you want me to do for you?

5:50 PM EC: can buy a drive myself?

5:51 PM Stephanie: If you want to you can, but we do not sell those parts to customers.

5:52 PM EC: well that doesn't help. I don't want to send it in then find out I need to pay another $200

5:53 PM EC: forget it i guess.... I'll buy a panasonic

5:53 PM Stephanie: I understand , the next option is to refer you to a service provider in your area.

5:54 PM Stephanie: to find out if they can look at it for you.

5:54 PM EC: well who is that?

5:55 PM Stephanie: May I have your zip code?

5:55 PM EC: xxxxxx

5:55 PM Stephanie: Thank you very much!

5:56 PM Stephanie: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5:57 PM Stephanie: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

5:57 PM EC: no

5:58 PM Stephanie: It has been a pleasure to assist you today. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for choosing LG Electronics. We appreciate your business. Have a great day!

Wish they had a flat rate repair. I'll call the local guy tommorow and see if he will sell me a drive.
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