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Bi powered speaker solution

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I picked up two aiwa SX-M55 for 10 euros at a secondhand store to use with my old pioneer DC-111Z amp. Upon coming home and testing them I found out that they both have two power inputs. One for high frequencies and one for low ones. My amp however only has two connections for right and left. Is there any way for me to use these speakers with my amp anyway without losing the ability to play high AND low frequencies?
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Very bizarre set-up. Speaker wire for the "sub" is straightforward but what is the connector type for the treble/mid connection? Looks like a proprietary set-up that will only work with the original electronics. Go ahead and connect the "sub" and see what you get. If you are impressed, then you may want to invest more money in the project. If not, chalk it up to lesson learned and move on.
I already responded in your first post.

The Aiwa speakers are nearly worthless, away from the system of which they were a part.
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