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Originally Posted by m_vanmeter /forum/post/15464511

Please check to see if the dealers actually have the HT-75 towers in stock. I have read there is a model changover in progress and both the HT-75 and 88 towers are very hard to find.

Yesterday at acousticsounddesign.com they were listed as available and I added the whole setup to my cart and was about to check out until I saw some members advice to call and get a better price.

Today the website has been updated to read call for price. Maybe it is in stock or maybe there is now a wait. I will cal during business hours and see what kind of price they quote me.

The specs on the Bic acoustechs read better than the fluance. Bic Acoustecshs 6.5" dual woofers vs 4" and 6" on the AV-HTB+. The Bic sensitivity is at 96db and Fluance s 88db. Lots of differences on paper (which I am still learning about being new to this). These differences maybe translate to real life differences in sound quality. Fluance maybe cheaper on paper but once I add the sub and the shipping I am over $500. Which is pretty close to the Bic. And then if I have to upgrade the center speaker on the fluance which everyone says is weak that puts me even close to the Bic ballpark. The Bics center has two 6.5" drivers and the fluance's are 4".

From what I read owners seem to give favorable reviews to the BIC speakers and the Fluance speakers but no one that has heard both has given a comparison.
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