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Bic H100 will not auto-power on anymore - ideas?

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not sure what happened, i have the switch set to "auto" for power. It used to turn on every time i ran my PS3 and the light would turn green but now i have to have it in the "on" position for it to turn on.

I have it hooked into an onkyo tx-sr505.. i think it may have not auto-powered on ever since i ran that auto audessy EQ thing. but i cannot find any settings that will turn it back on. the setting for subwoofer is set to: YES and i tried switching my front and center speakers to SMALL to se if that would do anything but it didnt. Any ideas?

Also, if i left it in the ON position, would it be drawing a lot of wattage when not in use? Would there be any long-term effects if it was left in the ON position all day so i dont have to manually go turn it on every time i turn on my TV or PS3? thanks.
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Try Neo:6 playback for redbook CD's, Especially at low playback volume. Or turn the subwoofer off, Switch back to auto, Then turn the subwoofer back on. These are some of the things I do with my TX-SR603.
Personally I'd just leave it on the "ON" position....but that's just me

because I've had bad luck with auto/on/off functions on the subs

I've owned.

If you leave it on all the time, it will draw very little power, maybe as much as a 20w night light. I have 5 subs and a plate amp for

my aura bass shakers, and I leave them on all the time...it's

made little difference in my electrical bill....just my 2 cents...vardo
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I also have an Onkyo TX-SR505 and the H-100 sub and I leave the sub on all the time without any problems.
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