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Hi everybody!

I recently got an Onkyo HT-S7400 5.1 HTiB ($300 refurbished) for my new 55" LG LED 55LM4600 HDTV (a great deal at $800).

The LG TV has a feature called "SimpLink" which appears to be their version of the CEC standard. We can use this to set up a link to our AVR such that, if we change the volume on the TV, it actually changes the AVR's volume (the TV speakers are turned off).

This is nice because otherwise we would have to reprogram all our other remotes (for Blu-Ray player, cable DVR, and even TV) to talk to the AVR instead of TV - an enormous hassle, and not even possible with the Sony Blu-Ray remote. (It does not list any AVR systems, as devices it can "talk" to.)

So, in theory, the CEC/SimpLink feature is very nice in allowing us to skip all kinds of remote programming mainly for exactly one thing: Just to change the volume via the Onkyo, not the TV.

Ok. So it works fine when you set it up. No problem.

The problem is that it loses the HT audio Simplink setting every single time you turn the TV off. Every time it's turned on, we have to go through the Simplink menu and turn on this connection again. This is clearly something on the TV side, because we can leave everything else on and connected (AVR, Blu-Ray, etc.) - and the setting is still lost.

I've called LG and even they confirm that it's not a bug, it's just how it is. It has to be re-set every single time. (?!?)

So I am writing this message in the hopes that someone knows some trick for this, or that I and the LG reps have missed something...

Is there some way to get the TV to remember this??

Of course, in one sense it's an extremely minor issue. But still it's frustrating because it's so very dumb that the TV can do and remember tons of things... but not this.

Thanks if you can help!

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