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Big purple spot/haze/stuff.

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I own an Epson Powerlite S1+.. after about 200 hours of lamp use, there appeared what looks like purple discoloration on my screen (blackout cloth).

No ambient light whatsoever, and its only most visible on a light or dark colored background. In between is hardest to notice... but overall you really only notice it because you know it's there, ya know?

Pic attached kinda shows what i mean.. if you can see it.
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Diachroic splitter (filter) going bad? Also, why are the colors overall on that image look wierd?
It's cable TV through a VCR... *shrug* I dont mind. Havent taken the time to 'fine tune' the PJ yet =O

I guess that's waranteed then.. Ill have to call them tommorow. Epson Support = tops.
I should think so, but does this occur with other sources, like a DVD player?
Uh yeah. All inputs.. so Im pretty sure it HAS to be the projector..

Called Epson, they said they'd keep my 'complaint' on file.. and said if it got worse to call back..

It hasnt gotten worse but it still annoys me because i spend more time trying to find the spot than watching my PJ :(

They get another call :\\
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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