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I am designing a custome theater (for my family) in our basement and have established a WCW (dual Dayton 270-10", Seas 1333 coax, biamped, elec xover) for the LCRs and need to design the surrounds.

It will be a 7.1 system with surrounds in columns to the sides (almost exactly) of the front row and directly behind and above the rear row.

Monopole Option 1:

My first incling was to use the Seas 1333 in a monopole facing directly outwards of the columns (front facing). This gives me good timber match to the LCRs, but might provide excessive localization given position relative to various front and rear row listeners.

Bipole Option 1

Another option might we to use an angular baffle with a 1333 on each side (each facing 45 degrees or so from front facing. This is expensive, but does give good output level and timber match.

Bipole Option 2

A front facing 8" woofer (e.g., Dayton RS225 8" reference series for timber match with LCRs), with mid-high on each side of an angular baffle. Rather than the complexities of a 3-way, potentially use a 3" full range such as HiVi B3N - use simple 2nd order xover and fix anything else with active EQ. About 4 of these should match up to the Daytons with respect to output level - efficiencies might be a problem - have not worked through this yet. I'm not sure a surround with HF drivers facing away from the listens suffer very much from lack of a uber smooth 'real tweeter' in a bipole - due to comb filtering, non directionality, reflections and the like good high frequecies are for ambience and 'lost in the sauce' anyway.

(The Tang Band W3-871 might match up better to the Dayton if I use 4 of them from an efficiency standpoint - but they are twice the cost)

Please comment...

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