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Bipole surrounds to match Focal Aria 900 series front and center

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Hey guys,


I'm in the process of finalizing the speaker plan for our new home theater. Unfortunately, given the seating configuration, I really need to use bipole surrounds rather than dipole or monopole for surround effect speakers, as we're going to have two rows and the back row is going to be too close to the surrounds to get a good effect from monopole or dipole speakers.


The front speakers are going to be Focal Aria 948s, and the center the matched Aria CC 900. However, Focal doesn't make an Aria 900 series surround speaker, their bipole Chorus 800 V surrounds are impossible to find now, and the Chorus 700 is a monopole.


Given that Focal doesn't make an appropriate surround for my situation, who makes one that could go decently with the system I'm looking at? I was hoping to spend between $500 and $1000 each for the bipole surrounds. Any advice you can offer would be great!


Thanks very much,

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I would be interested in this as well, as I may be getting the 948s and cc900 too. Focal list the 906 as the suggested surround, but would be unsuitable for your purposes, and likely mine as well. There may not be an optimal solution other than another brand.
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