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Bismarck, ND Professional Calibration

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I'm having a real hard time finding someone who really knows their stuff to calibrate my ST50. Can anyone suggest anyone that knows what they are doing? I really don't trust Geek Squad or the AV shops around where I live. Have any of you ever had a calibration done by AVI Systems?


I was thinking about buying one from an outfit in a bigger city that has pro calibrators in house, letting them demo it for 100 hours, and calibrate it?

For a proper calibration, do they need to use my Cambridge 650BD as the signal generator?

Would you calibrate it seperately for my gaming PC or am I getting carried away. Calibrate for Blu-Ray player and call it good?
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I tour throughout the Midwest but have never received any interest from North Dakota. Then again, I'm game if we can figure out a way to make it worthwhile.

I've sent you a private message with more details.
Too bad. I used to live in Bismark. I might be out there hunting in September/October.
I live in Bismarck and would be interested in a professional calibration as well if someone would come here. This would have to depend on cost of course. I have not looked into this before now so I have no idea what this type of service would cost. If you are coming this fall I would be interested in more information.
beatmatcher247 - We talked earlier this last week. I may be interested, so keep me on the list you are compiling as a good possibility.

DropTheRemote - have you calibrated a Pioneer 600m? Are you able to get into the ISF settings?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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