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This is my current configuration:

Windows 7 64bit

Amd athlon X2 dual core processor(2.7 ghz)

Nvidia Gtx465

8gb Ram

Samsung Blu ray drive

Nvidia IR 3d vision

Onkyo HT-RC270 Receiver, Polk 7.1 tower speakers and subwoofer

Optoma HD67 Projector

Cyberlink Powerdvd 10 Mark II Ultra Max, Powerdvd 11

Arcsoft Total Media Theatre 5

I'm planning to replace my existing gtx465 with the gtx460.

I want to bitstream HD lossless audio from my PC and use 3d at the same time. It is 720p 3d.

I will be using one port for the video to my projector and another other port for my audio to my receiver.

Is the Gtx 460 capable of doing this with the above software?

Do I need to buy a mini hdmi to hdmi cable or can I use a Dvi to hdmi cable for audio?

How does the gtx460 compare to my existing 465?

It bitstreams the audio for my receiver to decode right?

Please help me out.Thanks

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Yes to all questions. It will bitstream out and 3d at the same time. You can use the cables that came with it. I am going from the mini hdmi to projector and dvi >>> hdmi cable to avr running powerdvd 11 and it works perfect. 460 and 465 are pretty close in terms of perf in games etc. as for movies you won't be able to tell the difference.
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