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Black level and buzzing complaints help plasmas take a back seat?

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Every store i goto the salesmen always say they're doing away with plasmas and point people to LCD'S, with pioneer pulling out of the game and panasonic focusing more on green electronics..I wonder how much all these plasma complaints aid to making plasma take a back seat....All these new posts are scaring potential new plasma buyers away putting even a bigger dent in sales....

I would takes weak blacks and loud buzzing over the best LCD out there...I never want an LCD as my movie/sports set.....Please let these black threads die and let new buyers buy plasmas!
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Don't accept defects, once we accept them they never go away (just look at clouding on LCDs, they look like crap but they sell so why fix it?) It is going to take a ton of negative press to get Panasonic to fix the black levels, so that is what we are trying to do.
+1, even if it's only on a minority of sets, it's important that they're forced to acknowledge it as a screen defect and replace defective screens.
+2 Pioneer didn't have these issues...neither should Panasonic or Samsung
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