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Blacker than Black DVD Player

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Some of the new DVD players have a "black enhancing" feature on them, like the new HD DVD player, the XA2.

Has anyone tried this feature with this DVD player on their lcd? My biggest problem with the lcd monitor I have is the poor black levels. Does this feature help at all?

The lcd I have is a 40" Sony that has been calibrated, it isn't my main television, so it's not a big deal that the picture quality is not perfect, I purchased it over a plasma because I occasionally play games on it and I didn't want to worry about burn in.

That being said, I don't know if I would buy an lcd again unless they make a lot of progress on this front. Night scenes just look terrible, it's like a dark navy blue instead of black. The picture quality on a plasma is much better, but lcd still has a lot of advantages over plasma.

Hopefully, lcd's will rapidly close the performance envelope, as lcd seems to be the direction where all the manufacturers are moving.
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Originally Posted by Frank_Eldorado /forum/post/0

My biggest problem with the lcd monitor I have is the poor black levels. Does this feature help at all?

I can't say, but logically would think no, it will not help. If an LCD manufacturer could

lower blacks via digital bits coming in, they would have already done that. Therefore

it is likely a physical constraint that the DVD can't fix. If the black on the DVD disc or coding

is poor, then perhaps the DVD player can help in that area, but I can't see how a DVD player

can do anything to make the LCD black look better.
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Is this "black enhancing" the passing of blacker than black information? That doesn't really "enhance" the blacks.
If the panel has bad blacks to start with, nothing even a high end DVD player can do is going to make it better.

The newest LCD's are very good IMO at the black levels. I have seen the new Sharp 92 series side by side with some very high end plasma sets and it looked better than the plasma. Not just the black level, but black detail.

Sharp does their new release early in the year and later in the year Samsung and Sony follow with their newest. This year IMO LCD is starting to reach the point where they can compete with Plasma and I am just waiting to see the Sammy and Sony sets to see how they match up.

In short, the newest LCD's can give a good black level, but the price is somewhat expensive.
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