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Originally Posted by Kikyo /forum/post/15471789

There are two things that I can not do with the Blackmagic Intensity

1) I want to capture while maintaining the resolution to 768x576 instead of bringing it to 720x576

Standard broadcast video isn't 768x576 (which would be 4:3 square pixels) it is 720x576 (which is non-square pixels). The Blackmagic just captures the standard video stream - so will capture 720x576 irrespective of aspect ratio (4:3 and 16:9 50Hz SD video is 720x576 as standard)

If you want to end up with 768x576 video you will have to re-scale in software, but beware, this is a resample and will reduce quality potentially. If you are editing for subsequent remastering to DVD (which is also 720x576) you want to avoid this anyway.

2) I would like to maintain 50 fps and does not capture at 25 fps

Standard broadcast video is 50 FIELDS per second which is 25 FRAMES per second. The Blackmagic will thus be capturing 25 frames per second, but each frame is made of two interlaced fields.

In software you will need to de-interlace to 50 frames per second if you want a full frame rate progressive signal.

Neither of these issues are inherent in the Black Magic kit AIUI.

Standard broadcast 50Hz video is 720x576i25 (i.e. 720 samples horizontally, 576 lines vertically and 25 interlaced frames) and this is what the Intensity Pro captures.
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