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Hello there,

I can't thank you enough for Zoom Player, and DVD Genie before it. Both have been amazing programs. Most recently I have been using Zoom Player as an alternative to the RealMagic Xcard player. I'm still tweaking the MediaGraph files, but that's not what I'm writing to you about.

I actually just wanted to point out something about your playlist setup. I am creating a very large playlist of DivX files to be used as a looping rerun setup for my university's student-run TV station. I have a concern that the files in the playlist might accidentally be renamed, resulting in "Unable to load file for filter ....etc...." error messages when the renamed file is reached in the playlist, which halts playback. In contrast, when this happens in Winamp, the missing file is skipped, not requiring user intervention.

So I guess what I am requesting is an extra level of error checking in the playlist code that would verify that the file is present before passing it on to the MediaGraph filter. If a file is NOT found, it could be skipped (a la Winamp) or even deleted entirely from the playlist (a feature which maybe could be toggled on or off).

I realize this is not a very universal problem, but it would be great of you to take this into consideration in a future release... you'd be helping out our station considerably.


-Paul Blair

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